Monday, October 19, 2009

Engagement Photos

Over the past few months Dan and I have been trying to find a time to get engagement pictures. Unfortunately our photographer couldn't take engagement photos on the weekend (he's shooting weddings on saturday and sunday is reserved for family time) We tried to find a day that both of us could take off work for engagement photos, but with both of our busy work schedules and the Dallas weather not cooperating (who wants soggy photos taken in the rain?) it looked like it just wasn't going to work out. Then my sister Claire suggested that we look into getting engagement photos taken while we were in Hawaii. I had a work conference in Maui and Dan was coming along with me for fun. We had lots of free time and a beautiful backdrop for photos. So the night before we left for Hawaii, I frantically got on the phone and called every photographer in Maui until I found one available (thank goodness for time zones, it was the middle of the afternoon there even though I was calling late at night!) Less than 24 hours later, we were on the beach snapping these beautiful shots. I think they came out great!

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Megan Gilmore said...

I love the photos! So jealous that you've been in Hawaii. Hope you guys had a ton of fun!