Friday, January 30, 2009

Just Call me Aunt SuSu

The two cutest little boys on the planet are Zach and JB Baker! I know I might seem a bit biased because they are my nephews, but seriously they are so incredibly cute!

Zach is 2 years old and is at such a FUN age! He loves cars, trucks, reading books, listening to music (as long as Mommy and Aunt Susu don't sing along), making animal noises and watching videos that have animals on them. He can kinda talk, although I rarely know what he is saying. But I can tell when he says "Su-Su" (which sometimes sounds like shoe-shoe. Close enough!)

JB is 2 months old (almost!) and is such a cute baby!! He loves to snuggle, eat, and sleep (seriously....this kid has a nice relaxing life!) But he also spends most of his days dreaming of the day that he can run and play with his big brother Zach! It won't be long!

Lately I've been able to stop by my sister Claire's house after work and play with the boys while they eat dinner and take a bath. I LOVE THEM!!!!

Here are a few pics of the Baker Brothers! They're so cute!!!!

My Nephew Zach (2 years old)

My Nephew JB (2 months old)

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